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Children's choir

Mondays, 4.30pm to 5.30pm (Cayley Primary School)

For 7-11 years olds who live or attend school in Tower Hamlets.

Each session includes fun singing warm-ups, learning new songs and working towards performances.

Most sessions take place on Mondays during term time at Cayley Primary School, Ashton Street, E14 7NG.

It's free.

Child playing trombone

Wednesday Music Centre (WMC)

Wednesdays during term time, 4pm to 6pm (Globe Primary School)

The WMC is for primary school students in the early stages of instrumental learning. It provides an opportunity to make music with other students from across the borough. Students need to be receiving tuition on their instrument either in whole class or small groups at school, or individually at school or home.

The centre has a choir for all members, followed by a string ensemble and wind and brass ensemble. Each week develops into a full orchestra.

The goal is to improve ensemble playing skills. This includes developing notation, pitch, rhythm, and dynamic expression. It is important that students enjoy making music together. The WMC also prepares pupils for the THAMES Saturday Music Centre.

The first term is FREE for every student. There is a termly fee of £48 after that (from Sep 2024). THAMES operates a remission policy to ensure all students can access our music centres regardless of financial background. See the terms and conditions for more information.

Child playing violin

Saturday Music Centre (SMC)

Saturdays during term time, 9am to 12.30pm (St.Paul’s Way Trust School)

This is for young people (7-18) who play an instrument and have been learning for at least a year. They should be at the level of Grade 1 or higher. It's also for singers of any skill level.

Students take part in three ensembles throughout the morning which include

  • orchestras
  • wind bands
  • chamber groups
  • contemporary bands and choirs.

The SMC aims to develop students’ musicianship and technical skills through playing with others.

The SMC works closely with cultural partners who provide further enrichment to the SMC programme. There are several performance opportunities throughout the year.

The first term is FREE for new students (not including those who have transferred up from WMC). There is a termly fee of £101 (from Sep 2024) thereafter. THAMES operates a remission policy to ensure all students can access our music centres regardless of financial background. See full terms and conditions for more information.

Places for students learning piano or drum kit are very limited.

Child with electric guitar smiling

Paying fees for Saturday and Wednesday Music Centre

Use the termly fee payment form to pay the termly fee for Saturday Music Centre or Wednesday Music Centre. We accept all major credit and debit cards.


Saturdays, fortnightly during term time, 10.30am to 1pm (part of THAMES Saturday Music Centre, St Paul’s Way Trust School)

Soundbox is an all-ability inclusive music collective that brings together disabled and non-disabled musicians aged 11-25 to make and create music using a mix of traditional instruments, music technology and singing. We aim for sessions to be accessible, welcoming and engaging for all.

Soundbox takes place as part of the THAMES Saturday Music Centre (SMC) on five Saturday mornings per term at St Paul’s Way Trust School. It was originally set-up as a partnership with Drake Music, Spitalfields Music and London Symphony Orchestra. They continue to have a close relationship with the ensemble.

Participation is FREE.

Soundbox Performance at the Museum of Childhood
Soundbox Performance at the Museum of Childhood

Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra

The Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra is in its sixth year. They play ambitious music in different styles, which provides the right level of challenge. Many members of this ensemble now take music lessons at different London Conservatoires. They are also taking the highest grade exams for their instrument. Some older members are studying music at University or College.

Contact us for information or to apply

Child with electric guitar strapped playing vigourously