Primary Choir

Mondays, during term time, 4.30-5.30pm

For 7-11 years olds who live or attend school in Tower Hamlets

We are currently running a mix of online sessions on Zoom and in-person sessions at Oxford House, Bethnal Green. Each session will include:

  • Fun singing warm-ups
  • Singing games
  • Learning new songs

Participation is FREE

Once registered, further instructions will be emailed to you


If you have any questions, contact Alison Porter:

020 7364 0431



Scientific research has confirmed that singing in schools is safe, provided certain guidelines are followed. Download the SING SMART guidance.


Song of Joy

THAMES singing celebration - summer 2021

 Song of Joy celebrates the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. At the end of a challenging and unusual year for many, we invite you to join us in solidarity and celebration by learning Beethoven’s song Ode to Joy. This uplifting piece of music is world famous and has community and joy at its heart.

 We invite you to film your performance and send it to us. All of the video submissions will be put together to create a celebratory performance video which will be premiered on YouTube in July.


1.       Register your interest in the project by completing this short form by 19 April or emailing Alison Porter at

2.       Show your students the Song of Joy video. This 15 minute video will introduce Beethoven and teach the song.

3.       Download the musical score, practice track and backing track here.

4.       For guidance on safe singing in school, download our SING SENSE guidance.

5.       Practice the song in your school.

6.       Film your performance on an iPad or Smart Phone and upload it here. All video submissions need to be uploaded by Monday 14 June.

7.       Sing along to the backing track when you record your performance to ensure you are singing in tune and in time.

8.       Ensure you have obtained parental permission from all participants to appear in the video. If any participants cannot be shown, let us know and we can blur out individual faces. The video will be uploaded to the THAMES YouTube channel and shared on social media.

9.       If you have any questions contact Alison Porter at at THAMES